Underfloor Heating Installers London

Thinking of installing underfloor heating for the winter?  PES Heating & Plumbing are the leading quality underfloor heating installers London has to offer. We offer high quality warm water underfloor heating systems, no matter whether the project is a small extension or a renovation or a large new build.

Why Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is a concept that has been around for a surprisingly long time and works by heating the whole floor area of the room in which it has been installed by gently warms the air above, eliminating cold spots.

The warm air convects from the floor surface and because it loses only 2 degrees centigrade (approx) at distances of 2.0 meters above the floor, underfloor heating is ideal for properties with nearly all ceiling heights.

There are numerous benefits regarding the installation of underfloor heating systems, starting with the 4 biggest –

  • Underfloor heating takes up no wall space
  • Silent to run
  • Maintenance free
  • Cost Effective

Underfloor heating has been proven to offer energy savings of up to 40% on traditional heating systems, and will not only save you money but will also have a positive effect on your carbon footprint. Underfloor heating is far more effective for providing reliable levels of heating within buildings with a high ceiling as the heat stays close to the floor where you are actually living.

Many people appreciate the aesthetic benefit of being able to design living space layout without having to allow wall space for radiators.

Once our expert team of the premier standard of underfloor heating installers London has to offer have completed their project, you will be left with a heating system which requires only low temperature warm water whilst offering high comfort levels and low running costs.

Further Information

If you’d like any further information regarding the services available from the premier underfloor heating installers London has to offer, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will be happy to answer any queries you might have.

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