Underfloor Heating London

PES Heating & Plumbing has been providing high quality and low cost engineering, plumbing and heating services to domestic & commercial customers in Surrey and London for over two decades.

Along with our many other services, we also specialise in the installation of the premier quality underfloor heating London has to offer.

Increasing Popular

The installtion of underfloor heating is becoming increasing popular due to its effectiveness. When correctly installed it creates the ideal air temperature profile in your rooms by ensuring that the correct balance of radiant and convective heat is reached.

Advantage of Underfloor Heating

The leading standard of underfloor heating London has to offer from PES Heating & Plumbing covers the entire floor area which generates the opposite heat cycle to that of conventional heat sources, and results in warm feet and even room temperatures.

Most underfloor heating systems are controlled on a room by room basis, each running off of its own thermostat and have the capability to result in a 15% energy saving over traditional heating, with the ability to disperse radiant heat.

The installation of the premier standard of underfloor heating London has to offer in place of the more traditional wall mounted radiators, presents the homeowner with more useable room space, ensuring that they no longer have to arrange furniture around radiators to prevent them from being blocked.

Reduction in Allergies

The leading quality underfloor heating London has to offer is also proven to reduce the substances that cause an allergic reaction, as well as lowering air moisture levels in areas such as bathrooms by drying wet walls and floors.

Family Run Business

We are a family business and from our workshop in Carshalton service the whole of London and Surrey; and because we are a family business our reputation is very important to us so we want you to be happy with the service we give you so you will use us again and possibly refer us to your friends, colleagues and businesses.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the most cost-effective underfloor heating London has to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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